June 17, 2011

This whimsical shelf by Dripta Design Studio made me smile. Designed to resemble a thought bubble, it could be a fun addition to a living and a kids room alike. It may not be able to hold many items, for it is more of a conversational piece than a heavy-duty storage unit; but with this shelf on a wall you will never be accused of living in a dull home. Still in the concept stage, the Dream shelf can be made from fiberglass or wood.

Fareena Ali on 06/24/11

Get in touch wimth us. We would like to bring this to New Zealand and Australia

Natalia on 06/24/11

Dear Fareena! Thanks for the comment. Perhaps you should get in touch with the designer – http://www.dripta.com/contact.php

Praveen on 06/27/11

We loved the concept ; we want this in India

Sergio on 02/05/12

Cooperate with us! We love new thin ideas. We are from Minsk/

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