July 16, 2011

If you love typography and flat-pack furniture – you will appreciate these pieces. Originally designed as an advertising campaign for Penguin Books, this line was created to promote reading. The concept is pretty simple – every book is made up of words; and all words are composed of 26 letters of the alphabet, arranged and rearranged in infinite combinations. Building on this fact, DDB Singapore advertising agency created a new Penguin font with one unique difference. Each letter, cut out from plywood and coated with black laminate, could be slotted into another to form furniture. Thus, the letters C, H, A, I, and R make up a chair; the letters T, A, B, L, and E – a table… You get the picture. The campaign was held in eight busy urban locations, encouraging passers by to stop, sit down and read something. The Alphabet collection is now on sale to general public and can be purchased here.

Chris on 07/05/12

Can you send me information the the alphabet

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