July 21, 2011

Here is an idea Рinstead of throwing away packages from light bulbs, why not turn them into something useful and functional? This is what English illustrator and graphic designer Chris Anderson did. His Lamp is a socket that turns into a real table lamp in seconds. It is fun, simple, and unpretentious. And the product is made from recycled cardboard Рanother wholesome eco-friendly detail.

Pieter Conings on 07/24/11

Could be nice next to the bed!

Frank on 07/27/11

Cool idea. As with most DIY lighting fixtures go though, I wonder if this is a fire hazard..

Dams on 01/24/12

done in 2004 and 2007 by david graas (not a lamp, not a box)

Eko Srilaksono on 01/25/12

thank’s natalia, what a great idea of chris anderson …. I wanted to try it by replace the lamp image with silhuet face / head image

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