August 9, 2011

Mono dishwasher, designed by Daniel Simonini, is smaller than your average dish rack. Yet it can hold 4 plates, 4 glasses (or cups), and a set of flatware. Inspired by sea sponges, the piece has a smooth exterior and slick design that can agree with any space. But the best feature, in my opinion, is the fact that the pressurized water, used for cleaning the dishes, is also employed to power the device’s battery making it carbon-neutral. Perfect for an eco-friendly urban apartment.

irene ruiz on 02/22/13

Good. Can I buy it in Venezuela ?

Kara on 12/25/13

I love this dishwasher! Where could I buy one of these?

JOHN on 12/04/14

Where can I buy the Mono dishwasher?

Michele Kingsley on 01/18/15

would like to buy Mono Dishwasher

Cathy on 06/27/17

I would like to know more about this dishwasher..

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