July 15, 2015


This hidden kitchen made me look. Even though it is a small part of an otherwise spacious apartment, designed by DontDIY, it is such a cool idea in itself. Every tiny studio out there simply begs for it.


April 15, 2015


Kitchen that is the size of a luggage? Yes, please. Perfect for studio apartments, this creation from Ana Arana provides an island for cooking and eating anywhere in your home. All essential components of a traditional kitchen are stacked in one small and versatile piece. Here is how designer describes it: “As a response to this growing trend of compact changeable lifestyles Gali is a revision of the kitchen. It is an essential part in the house but sometimes it occupies a space that not everyone would use in the same way. Gali is the intention of letting each individual distribute their space as wanted, having everything necessary to cook when needed but allowing the living space to embrace new possibilities.”


May 15, 2014


Flow kitchen is a clever idea that belongs to the Oregon based design duo StudioGorm. Inspired by nature, the piece offers a balanced landscape of elements and functions. “Flow is a living kitchen where nature and technology are integrated in a symbiotic relationship, processes flow into one another in a natural cycle, efficiently utilizing energy, waste, water and other natural resources,” – designers say. This compact piece includes a gas cooktop, prep area with the sliding cutting board and a sink, evaporative cooling boxes, ample storage and even a herb garden. I like the fact that the kitchen is developed as a flexible system where resources are reused by several elements creating a dynamic relationship between the products. See more images after the break.


February 28, 2014


The Stealth Kitchen from Resource Furniture is a brilliant invention. Stylish, modular and compact, it can be a real hit in a studio apartment, where one room is your every room. Hidden behind unobtrusive wooden cabinetry, the system includes refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, oven, cooktop, sink, counter space and abundant storage. A proper gourmet kitchen that can fit in any space. Watch the video after the break to see the product in motion.

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August 9, 2013


Swiss company Victorinox understands cooking process. Their new creation, knife and table block, is ideal for multitasking in a small space. Made from natural wood, the piece has a shelf, that displays your tablet, eBook, cookbook or manual at the ideal viewing angle. The swivel base easily rotates, so you can alternate between selecting knives and reading recipes. Available for purchase through Fancy.


June 11, 2013


Shelf by Israeli designer Raz Krulfeld is a great addition to a small kitchen. The clever piece allows us to keep our essentials within reach but away from the counter, which is a great space-saving tactic. The shelf is made up of two sections – the higher one is perfect for containers and spices, the lower one holds books, magazines as well as cereal boxes and other bigger items. The rear side of the shelf serves as a magnetic knife holder and also features hooks for utensils. To top it all off – there is LED lighting coming from underneath the shelf. An additional lighting source is never a bad idea…

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May 21, 2013


Last week I made a post about a disappearing kitchen, this time – it’s a dining room that disappears. German manufacturer Alno created a set, table and two seats, that is built right into the kitchen cabinetry and can be tucked away when not in use. A lovely thought for a tiny space dweller. Although the weight capacity of the pull-out pieces is a concern, I really love the idea. In a small studio where all functional areas are interchangeable, it is nice to have an option of a dining set that takes no room. I’m curious though – what kind of witchcraft magic designers used to fit the table into that narrow cabinet…

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May 16, 2013


Miniki modular kitchen has been created with small spaces in mind. Designers considered the fact that in most studio apartments cooking and lounging areas are squeezed into one room. So they envisioned a kitchen that disappears after use. “This is the only way to turn the living room back into a room to live in,” – they point. The finished product is a beautiful and clever system of three interchangeable units that hide all cooking paraphernalia and look like an elegant sideboard. Fabulous. And with 15 colors available – there is every chance to customize the piece for any interior. Miniki kitchen scored several awards including the Reddot Design Award 2012 and the Interior Innovation Award 2013.

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March 27, 2013


If you are a neat freak, the smallest things can terrorize you. Crumbs, for example. How annoying and persistent they are!.. If this sounds familiar (and I envy you if it doesn’t)  – this product will be a hit in your kitchen. The Scrap Trap is a tiny trash can that is attached to your counter. It comes with a handy sweeping brush and features handles on both sides. One of these handles can be attached to the top cabinet or a drawer. Close that compartment – and the receptacle will be positioned right underneath your counter. Now sweep/brush/whisk/wipe your mess directly into the container – and you can breathe again…


March 12, 2013


A la carte kitchen by German brand Stadtnomaden breaks down traditional kitchen components into compact modules, making it easy to fit in any interior. Elegant and adaptable, A la carte can create stylish configurations of any shape and functional design. Creators of this kitchen really embraced the reality of space limitations. Even the groves between the modules can be used – thanks to the clever attachments they turn into storage or additional surfaces.

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