August 18, 2011

Remember Ahhaproject I featured some time ago? Guess what, they have been busy with creating more space-saving designs. And their latest concept for Elecrolux is truly ingenious – a rotating sink/washer combo. ‘The idea came about when we realized the potential of space conservation when our sink was full of dirty dishes! The system works in a way that the dishes are cleaned within the sink, using the mechanics of a dishwasher,’ – designers explain. The sink is divided in two parts – one acts as a sink and another acts as a dishwasher when it rotates under the counter. Perfect for a small apartment!

Alysyn on 12/07/11

Maybe one side should have a rack to stack dishes on their side for space and cleaning efficiency (like regular dishwashers). It can double as a drip-dry rack for those who feel no need for a dishwasher.

Terence de Bye on 02/02/12

Dear Sir,

Do you also have the price of this product,and where i can get it?

Kind Regards,
Terence de Bye

Joanne on 03/02/12

Where can you purchase this item and what is the price range?

Donna on 08/01/13

very nice, what is the size and price?

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