November 8, 2011

A bit of an event here, at Shoebox Dwelling. One year ago, today, I started this blog in hopes to create a resource for the fellow urban folks who put location before square footage and enjoy the consequences. Little did I know that my blogging adventure will become such a big part of my life. I have met amazing and talented people, created friendships, found inspiration for changing my own ways (not to mention – was kindly featured by my highly esteemed colleagues – swissmiss, Craft, Die Zeit and others – and even made it to the wordpress frontpage for some 4,5 minutes). Thank you, gods of Internet!

But most of all I thank you, lovely readers, for sticking around and being such a kind and graceful audience. I appreciate you all tremendously and promise to keep bringing more good stuff for your designy pleasure. Happy shoebox dwelling to us all!

missy on 11/08/11

my congratulations!

pewPew on 11/08/11

Keep up your great work! :-) And congratulations of course.

George Hammerton on 11/08/11

Wow! Fantastic news, congratulations! Or should that be ‘Happy Birthday’? :)

Please keep at it, I love seing the great solutions people find to their cramped spaces and the awesome stuff they find to put in them.

You rock!

jane on 11/08/11

love this blog, which I stumbled upon in stumbleupon. I look at daily for inspiration to declutter my cluttered life in simple and stylish ways. thanks and congrats

Natalia on 11/08/11

Thanks everyone! I’m very very touched.

Paula Chang on 11/13/11


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