October 19, 2012

- Secrets of sleep. Truly fascinating.

- This folding car could probably cure New York parking misery.

- Incredibly gorgeous murals by David de la Mano and Pablo S. Herrero.

- The best view of any house is seen through the eyes of a cat. Toblerone House by Studio MK27.

- A titanium mouse… what will they think of next?

- Trolling in London subway – a collection of hilarious signs.

- Cool bubble wrap ad!

- And one more for the senses – rescued ducks take their first swim.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!

Gerti on 10/21/12


I just found your blog and it is superb! I am just decorating my first real home and your blog is a big inspiration. How can I find the categories for the posts? For individual posts I can see them but it would be great to know what all your categories are to be able to search by category…Help!!! :)

Natalia on 10/22/12

Only have a search by the keyword, Gerti. Sorry about that. Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your decorating projects.

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