November 30, 2011

Garbage disposal is a prosaic process, but unless it is properly organized, nothing poetic is possible. And Tri3 by Paris based designer Constance Guisset is an organizational beauty, allowing for this process to go smoothly. The piece is essentially a trash bin and a recycling station in one. It consists of three parts (hence the name): the top segment is meant for organic waste, the middle one pivots to the side and stores plastic litter and the bottom compartment, the biggest one of the three, is dedicated to glass. All three parts are brought to movement by their respective pedals on the bottom. The disposable bags are stored under the hood. The vertical shape of Tri3 is not only attractive to the eye, it also saves space, allowing vertical storage. I also like the fact that the organic waste compartment is small enough to ensure frequent removal.

navy on 12/11/15

how much does it cost

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