December 2, 2011

Shelved Cooking is a minimalist and energy efficient kitchen concept by French design trio Arnaud Le Cat, Esther Bacot, and Luther Quenum. The design is inspired by traditional Norwegian slow-cooking technique. This simple and elegant system sonsists of two cylinders (one small, one large) set into a workbench mounted on trestles, each containing an induction hotplate. A cooking pot is placed inside the cylinder and brought to a boil. The hotplates then get switched off, and the insulation flaps seal the cylinder (they are made from compressed layers of boiled wool, survival blanket and cork). After this stage, the food simply continues to simmer on its own. This method allows to save up to 75 percent of the energy needed for a similar dish to be cooked on a traditional stove. Shelved Cooking is a compact little item too. An energy-saving attractive cooking tool nearly the size of an ironing board? Sounds good to me.


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