December 9, 2011

Vedge is an interesting concept project by young British designer James Wood. He proposes to combine a planter and a compost receptacle into one compact and stylish item. The product has within it a 20 litre wormery for the decomposition of the households organic waste. This waste is broken down into a nutrient rich fertilizer, which is then used to grow fresh organic produce. Vedge creates a perfect cycle of sustainability and allows you to glow herbs and veggies indoors all year long. It is built vertically, which saves space and makes the item a serious contender for a tiny city apartment.

Very cool find!!

Judith Stout on 12/13/11

Please send more information about the Vedge.

Judith Stout on 12/13/11

I’m wanting more information about the Vedge. Looks like it would work in my kitchen

Natalia on 12/13/11

Judith, this project is still in a concept phase, I’m afraid. Designer might have more information about future availability (please follow the link in the post for his contact).

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