December 14, 2011

Boundary Desk is a multifunctional piece, created by British designer Felix de Pass. Aimed at both home and office environments, the desk can be adapted to virtually any space and setting. The part of its appeal for us, space-saving connoisseurs, is the clever system of modular storage components, customizable to a specific user.

Designer explains: ‘The essence of the desk’s construction occurs in the corners where a singular repeated aluminium dovetail extrusion connects all the materials together, allowing for easy assembly / disassembly. The horizontal aluminium extrusion desk frame conceals integrated tracks to which various accessories are attached. Folded sheet aluminium drawers, cable management solutions and privacy screens can all be fitted allowing the elementary desk to adapt and meet the varying needs of the user and situation.’

I like the preemptive nature of this piece, it solves existing problems and also those that might occur during future use. An intuitive product that definitely flairs up my desk envy.

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