November 13, 2015

LEVIT8 is a noteworthy (and already fully funded) Kickstarter campaign that was launched by three Singapore-based designers. We all know about the benefits of standing up while working at the computer, and LEVIT8 offers you just that. Just unfold it atop of your actual desk (or any other working surface) and change your posture at will. Made from lightweight durable material, it is as big as a magazine, so you can easily travel and commute with it. Instant want.

September 11, 2015


Simply called Library, this happy modular shelving system by Penghao Shan has a lot to offer to a limited space. The design is based on a simple principle: a leaning construction gets more stable as you put more wight on it. A wooden frame is the base of the shelving unit. You can use your freedom of expression to attach containers, a desk component, or shelves. Infinitely adjustable, Library can also be quickly disassembled and stored flat.



August 11, 2015


St. Louis based design studio Artifox has unveiled two space-saving items that compliment each other beautifully – desk and bike rack. Designers call their creations ‘artifacts’, emphasizing the uniqueness of their design: “We believe that as our world changes – so should the spaces we live in.  That’s why we’re dedicated to the evolution of modern artifacts – adapting them for your life.” Both pieces are offered in the choice of walnut or maple wood. The desk comes in two heights, sitting and standing. It also features two-level cord control (compartment for your outlets and fasteners for keeping the remaining visible cordage neat), built-in docking for your devices, writable surface, adjustable legs, and a hook for your bag or headphones. The minimalist rack is made to look equally good with or without a bike. Both pieces are available for purchase here.


June 11, 2015



Cologne based design studio Kaschkasch created this space-saving beauty, called Fju. When folded down it serves as a small workspace. Folded up Fju changes it‘s appearance and transforms into a slim storage shelf. Fantastic.


February 18, 2015


Duotable is a new creation of Michael Hilgers, the man who gave the world this beautiful space-saving desk. The new table is a hybrid, made specifically for us, shoebox dwellers. It can be used as a 4-person dinner table, then transformed into a functional homeoffice by simply flipping a table half. Duotable hides a sizable storage compartment inside, ideal for your papers, writing materials, books and gizmos. I also love the cable slot, running on the back. This design has already landed the prestigious Interior Innovation Award 2015. I am not surprised.


February 6, 2015


Here is another notable product launching campaign – Portable Lap Desk Installation No.1 by Yois Design. In spite of its unusually long name, the product itself is very compact and small space friendly. The desk doesn’t have legs. Instead it sits on a set of wall mounted brackets. As a user, you have the freedom to install the brackets at any height you prefer, to use it whether sitting or standing. Neat. You can also move around with the desk, use the groove in its surface for your phone or tablet, and, when done, store the desk flat against the wall. Available for purchase through the currently running Kickstarter campaign.


February 3, 2015


This little desk is a great idea for people who want to break the sedentary routine and try different positions while working on a laptop or tablet. Acute by Yorkshire based studio Bee9 is designed to make working and relaxing sat on the floor ergonomically more comfortable to do, with the option to use it as a standing desk, on top of a worktop. The desk leans over at 15° to create an ideal surface to work on and is designed to be used with books, notepads, laptops and tablets. The removable rest is made up of two parts, it keeps everything where it should be and allows you to adapt the surface to different tasks. The horizontal shelf serves as storage for books and papers. And if you’re not using Acute as a desk, stand it on its side, to use as a compact table or stool with a minimal footprint.


October 24, 2014


This exciting Kickstarter project made me look. New Zealand based studio Refold took the most understated material, cardboard, and turned it into something cool, useful and ergonomically advanced. Their cardboard standing desk is foldable, portable, affordable and 100% recyclable. “Weighing only 6.5kg’s our design adds a new dimension to hot desking and fluid workspaces, – designers say, – The portability facilitates a modern workflow, allowing flexibility and aiding collaboration.” Even at home, it makes a lot of sense. You can move it from room to room, fold it when extra space is needed or adjust its height and share it with another person. You can check out the campaign and make a pledge here.


July 24, 2014


I quite like this slim and minimal desk by Nathan Yong. Inspired by mid-century design, the piece looks modern and vintage at the same time, a difficult fit to pull. The desk is compact, the work surface is big enough for a laptop and a writing area. The two sets of drawers, one under the desktop and one above, provide storage for papers, writing paraphernalia and other essentials. The upper drawers also serve as an additional surface for your lamp, books, or other whatnots that would otherwise take out desktop space. The frame and the drawer fronts are made from solid American walnut, the rest – from veneer and MDF. Available for purchase here.


July 18, 2014


Neat freaks – rejoice. This modular furniture system by Ying Chang is made with you in mind. Aptly called Grid, this concept is inspired by the two-dimensional grid used by graphic designers. Here the grid principle translates into a series of transparent mesh components of various sizes that attach to each other, creating unique customizable storage. The same piece can be used as a desk, dining area, kitchen storage and more. The designer explains: “As living spaces get smaller and merge with working spaces, the use of tables, desks and shelving are evolving, yet their basic forms remain largely unchanged.” The main storage components are supplemented by various add-ons – shelves, pockets, boards, even coasters and place mats. Another great customizable idea. Check out the video and more photos after the break.