December 28, 2011

Here is one student project I would love to see becoming a product one day. Daniel To redesigned the way we look at common hangers. Instead of arranging them on a bar, as we used to, he suggests to attach them freely to a metal plate via magnets. Here is what he says about the project: ‘Clothes hangers and clothing spaces have largely remained in the same format over the years. Hangers usually consist of a styled wooden, plastic or metal frame upon which clothing rests, with a hook component at the top. Similarly, contemporary wardrobes often use a contained space with horizontal bar(s) upon which to place the hangers in a linear pattern. These hangers replace the hook with a magnet, accompanied by a suspended piece of metal to allow full freedom of arrangement and display.’

Wilma Biliran on 01/11/12

love this idea! it saves space & allows creativity in how u hang ur clothes :)

Caroline on 05/08/12

Hello! I just wonder how much a Magnet hanger cost..

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