August 28, 2014

This is just delightful. A hanger that unfolds in order to double its capacity. Shanghai born and Germany based designer Ivan Zhang created this clever little item that takes the traditional hanger function to a new level. Designer explains: “Keeping the original shape and function, Hanger’ can easily twist into two paratactic hangers by using the feature of elastic material and a clever structure design. Then we can keep two pieces of clothes hanging on the same hanger, which is a common usage in daily life. However, the difference is that Hanger’ can help people freely take off the inside clothes, rather than taking off the outside ones first.” A very neat idea that leaves no excuses for messy closets. I like that.


January 30, 2013

Hanger Chair

There are no two things in higher demand in the house than seats and hangers. Imagine combining these highly useful items in one. Hanger Chair by Philippe Malouin is a cool and unexpected hybrid – half furniture and half closet accessory. The idea came when designer realized that  “when space is an issue an object such as a folding chair will clutter up the precious available space.” So he figured out how to make a folding chair serve us even when not in use – put it to work in your closet. Why couldn’t I think of that…

(via designrulz)


March 5, 2012

I believe in the virtue of flatpack design. And these beautiful plywood accessories have made me very happy. Japanese company Flat Packables specializes on practical and simple objects that can bring some eye-candy to our homes without bring any clutter. Here is how Yu Ito, the designer behind  the brand, describes his vision: “As laser-cutting technology became increasingly accessible, I started to see a lot of poorly designed laser-cut products. That inspired me to introduce unique designs that are original in not only appearance but in how they interlock together.” Each piece is laser-cut from plywood, hand-sanded and finished with beeswax. Beautifully packaged too. Flat Packables products are available on Etsy.


January 10, 2012

These accessory hangers by Montreal based design studio Toma Objects are sculptural and visually delightful. Made from untreated birch wood, they are thin and compact enough for even the tiniest of closets. You can use them for gloves, scarves, belts, ties and other small items. The number of loops vary from one to three, so you can choose your storing weapon according to your accessory situation. And because these hangers look the way they do, you can bravely display them, even when they are empty.


December 28, 2011

Here is one student project I would love to see becoming a product one day. Daniel To redesigned the way we look at common hangers. Instead of arranging them on a bar, as we used to, he suggests to attach them freely to a metal plate via magnets. Here is what he says about the project: ‘Clothes hangers and clothing spaces have largely remained in the same format over the years. Hangers usually consist of a styled wooden, plastic or metal frame upon which clothing rests, with a hook component at the top. Similarly, contemporary wardrobes often use a contained space with horizontal bar(s) upon which to place the hangers in a linear pattern. These hangers replace the hook with a magnet, accompanied by a suspended piece of metal to allow full freedom of arrangement and display.’


August 17, 2011

Can a hanger become a decorative element? Vilnius based designer Julius Bucelis argues that it can. His sleek and beautiful Hook hanger can serve this purpose aside from holding clothes. Thanks to its curvy shape, each piece can also be used as three hooks (hence the name). And when utilitarian duties are over, several Hook hangers can form a pendant. Triple function done right.