January 19, 2012

These modular shelves by Gabi Malacha might look precarious at first glance, but don’t let this impression fool you. A well thought out shelving construction, comprised of several sets of L-shaped wooden components, is being secured in place by screws and rested upon wooden stands. So, in spite of its weightless looks, the unit can withstand a good load of books, DVDs, CDs, periodic marials and small items. And thanks to its modular stacking principle and intuitive assembly method, many configurations can be created, including beautiful tilted ones.

Paweł from Nomad on 09/02/14

You can now order this 45x modular bookcase at http://nomad-furniture.com/

Nomad Things on 05/03/15

Our new website is http://nomad-things.com

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