January 24, 2012

This 1950s mid century modern Seattle home is only 600 square feet. But instead of increasing the footprint, this redo by architectural bureau Atelier Drome amplified usability of the existing space, which makes it so ingenious. The solutions included lots and lots of built in shelving in very unexpected areas, including one above the shower. I especially liked that these built in shelves do not project into the open area of the home, helping it feel larger. In order to open the space even further – similar materials were used throughout, providing the sense of cohesiveness. Another clever move was to eliminate the wall between the office/second bedroom and the main living space. This increases the feeling of space in the main living area, while providing a direct connection to the backyard. The large desk does double duty as a large dining table for family get-togethers, and the built-in shelves provide the necessary storage without creeping into the office. Additionally, a new sliding glass door was added to the exterior, harvesting every bit of the limited Seattle natural light.

Deek on 01/25/12

Hey, just stumbled on this blog- had never seen it before. Some great work/articles here though- I’ll certainly be back. Keep up the great work!

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

Fred on 01/25/12

Just discovered your blog as listed on Shedworking (UK). I’m a fan of small homes under 1,000 square feet, and plan to downsize to one in the next couple of years. I greatly enjoyed this post as I have never seen this small home before. I hope you will have more small home reviews in the future, especially those that are extremely affordable. I subscribed to your blog updates via Feedblitz.

Natalia on 01/25/12

Thank you for the kind words guys! I’m glad you’re enjoying SD. @Fred – I’m always on a look out for small homes and will definitely feature projects like that in the future. That’s the plan anyway.

Michelle Linden on 02/22/12


Thanks so much for featuring our house on your blog! Glad to see other people responding to small spaces.

Your blog is lovely and one of my new favorites!

Natalia on 02/22/12

My pleasure, Michelle! Beautiful project. Thanks for the kind words about my blog.

Lily Mark-Maasdam on 03/18/12

I love the shelving! Was it custom-made?

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