February 6, 2012

Garbage is a prose of life, but its proper disposal is essential if we want anything poetic to happen. Especially in a small space where air circulation is fast and merciless. I particularly loathe the idea of a garbage bin in its traditional form. It seems that no matter how neat you are or how durable are the liners, every so often there comes a dreaded day when you have to clean the bin (eww!). Wouldn’t it be lovely if the bin just disappeared after serving its purpose? This is the idea behind this product. Aptly called Vanishing Bin, the unusual garbage receptacle by Beza Project is comprised of several nesting paper bins. Once you fill one – throw it away along with your garbage and go to the next one. The piece is made from durable eco paper and can be used with organic waste and recyclables alike. It also promotes frequent garbage disposal, which is another bonus in a small space.

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