April 16, 2012

Cleaning the floor is tedious enough, but what makes it worse is having to fiddle with chairs. Trying to find a temporary place for them is tricky in a small space and turning them upside down over the table is unhygienic. But what are other options?.. Malaysia-based designer Poh Liang Hock came up with an answer. His Hold Chair has a seat and back that slide up the backrest frame. This separates the seat from the frame below it. The chair can then be slid onto the table. Genius! I especially like the fact that at no point of this operation you have to handle the chair’s feet. This concept piece is a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Can’t wait to see it produced.

Carolina Zhang on 04/17/12

I love this! Very smart and stylish.

terbaik on 05/02/12

cool design, never thought about it before very nice and simple, I like it!

Jack T on 09/04/13

Really nice … cool design i love it

Jack Sparrow on 09/20/13

Nice design…and i didn’t see that type of chair.. i like it

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