March 3, 2014


This innovative cabinet has been created by Uruguayan industrial designer Claudio Sibille. The piece merges storage with seating in one compact solution. Brilliant for studio apartments where space is of the essence. Available for purchase here.

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January 9, 2014


This hybrid between a chair and stepladder is so simple and clever – I wish I had thought of it. Designed by Maarten Olden for Altrex, it is perfect for a small space. It’s attractive, utilitarian and it folds flat. Here is how designer describes it: “Usit originated in the desire to create a stepladder that fits into a contemporary interior. Today’s stepladders often look too utilitarian, and they are quickly returned to storage after being used. Although it is collapsible, the Usit doesn’t have to be packed away.” The two-step version of Usit can be used as a seat, the three-step version as a high stool. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action.


August 1, 2013


Bulgaria based designer Volen Valentinov created this low key multifuntional piece, called Ted Bed. The item can be easily transformed from a chair to ottoman, mini-couch, armchair and a bed. All done by simply folding and securing the piece in each position. A perfect contender for a dorm or small apartment. Ted Bed is a sustainable piece of furniture made from recycled materials.

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June 23, 2013


The Acapulco chair is an iconic piece, inspired by a Mayan hammock. It was designed in the 50s. The legend has it that a French tourist vacationing on the Caribbean coast of Mexico felt hot and uncomfortable in a solid back chair and wondered why it wasn’t styled like an open web Mayan hammock. The idea was born. The slightly pear shaped frame, colorful webbing and mid-century modernist flair make the Acapulco chair a great addition to any space. And thanks to its transparent body, the piece would not add visual clutter to the room. Innit Design, that produces the original Acapulco chair today, offers a detachable base that lets you choose a chair or rocker function, or both. The webbing is made from UV-resistant PVC, which makes it a perfect indoor/outdoor item. The frame is steel, powder coated in black or white, or a chrome finish. Available for purchase here.


June 14, 2013


These flat chairs, called Canvas, are the latest creation of Japanese studio YOY. The humor and versatility of this design makes it a winner in any space, big and small. Shoebox apartment dwellers, however, will appreciate the space-saving element of this cool item that doubles as artwork. Hang it on the wall for display or lean it against the wall for extra seating – how cool is that! The frame, made of wood and aluminum, is covered by an elastic fabric, printed to resemble a canvas texture with a drawing of a chair. The piece comes in three varieties – chair, armchair and sofa.


April 8, 2013


Seating and storage are the things any home needs more of. So Sweden based designers Kyuhyung Cho and Hironori Tsukue obliged and created the Oneness collection, consisting of two chairs and a low table that can be flipped, stacked and turned into a shelving unit. Designers explain their vision: “The multifunctional purpose and extendable system can enrich a variety of spaces from office to home, through its simple, combinable and modern form inspired by the fusion of East Asian and Scandinavian design.” The assembly is easy and intuitive – the structure is fixed by connecting each element with a clip inserted into small holes on the corners of the chair or table. This way you can build your storage as high and wide as you like by adding more chairs and tables. When the chair is turned upside down to make a shelf, it reveals a hidden space on the bottom of the back for books and other small objects. Oneness is made from Finnish natural birch plywood.


January 3, 2013


LLSTOL, a heart-warming furniture success story, was born as an experiment in ergonomics in a small workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After several prototypes the two L-shaped objects were created. These two L-s have become perfect components for making up chairs, benches, coffee tables, shelving units and much more. The versatile concept was then successfully Kickstarted and produced by a local chair factory called STOL & STOL (hence the name). Now LLSTOL is available for purchase. Great, isn’t it? Check out the video after the break to see the product in action.


September 26, 2012

The Netherlander Dirk Ploos van Amstel designed this clever hybrid between a baby crib and a rocking chair, called Moep. Both pieces are morphed into a singular rocking unit, allowing a parent to accommodate the child with ease. “MOEP symbolizes the strong bond between parents and their new-born,” – says the designer. When the little one overgrows the crib – the side unit changes into a magazine rack, so Moep gets a new life as an adult piece of furniture. I like the laconic shape and neutral design of the piece – cute enough for the baby and quite elegant for everyone else.


September 3, 2012

If you think rocking chairs are a space-consuming luxury in a limited urban setting, you’re in for a sweet surprise. The Cleat chair by Vancouver based designer Tom Chung is a clever piece that folds flat for storage and moving purposes. Here is how the designer describes it:

“‘Cleat‘ is a knockdown rocking chair inspired by the harbours surrounding both Vancouver, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden. The first prototype was designed and built while studying abroad in Stockholm with the intention to bring it home to Vancouver in my carry on luggage. The chair is constructed from massive birch and is held together with zero stretch climbing rope.”

A prototype at this point, the chair is a beautifully minimal, well-thought-out object. I really hope it sees the light of production.


July 3, 2012

Here is another amazing Kickstarter project – RoboChair by Brad Benke of Stahl Architects. This cool foldable chair doubles as wall art. We’ve seen a similar chair/art idea before, but you can’t beat the fun of this robot one. Here is how designer describes it: “RoboChair was designed for three purposes: to be entertaining, to be displayable, and to be awesome. It all started with a simple robot sketch, and then the question came: How cool would it be if that folded into a chair?! After weeks of designing and building protoypes, RoboChair 1.0 is finally here. He’s made out of Baltic Birch plywood and comes completely assembled. Just lower his legs until they lock into place and you’re good to go!” Lovely concept. We can pledge in the next 23 days to see it produced.

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