May 17, 2012

This piece, generically titled Folding Chair, was created by Monstrans design studio. And unlike its name – it demonstrates a lot of character and originality. The structure of the piece is comprised of thee wooden parts, and it folds completely flat when not in use. The components are held together in the closed position by the eight rare earth magnets. Paired with┬ástrategically┬ápositioned handles, this makes the Folding Chair incredibly easy to lift, hold and transport. Two quater inch thick wool felt┬ápads make the chair comfortable. The piece is made from eco-friendly rapidly renewable bamboo.

Linda Qbq Russell on 05/30/12

Where can I Buy one of these chairs? How much does it cost? Or do I have to make it myself? Or hire a carpenter to make it for me? I love it.

Chris on 07/05/12

The same questions or design with measurements

Bill Stuart on 12/11/13

Where can I get one of these? What does it weigh? How sturdy is it? Who handles these chairs for sale?

gerard on 09/25/16

what is the size of that chair

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