May 29, 2012

Blindry is a brilliant window blind that turns into a fold-down laundry rack for drying clothes indoors. Perfect for small apartments, where floor space is often too limited to accomodate drying racks, the item brings multi-functionality to the new level. No wonder its designers, Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun, were awarded the prestigious Red Dot award for the concept. It is also an eco-friendly idea to use air and sunlight for drying clothes instead of energy-draining machines. “Sunlight can be used to dry one’s laundry and floor space in left unhindered.” – designers say.

M on 05/30/12

this is ingenious, and probably not too hard for the DIYers out there!

Nina Byrne on 05/30/12

Love this idea ! well done ! Are the blind blades operable when in the UP Blind position to allow more light / view into the room ? What are the blind blades made from ? Thanks for sharing , Nina

Peg on 05/31/12

Luckily I can and do hang clothes on a real clothes line OUT doors, but this is a great invention for those who cannot. Unless the slat/hangers can be opened while upright it pretty much eliminates both light and view – assuming you have one.

monica on 06/01/12

brilliant! is it available for purchase or are left dreaming?

Natalia on 06/03/12

@monica I believe it is still a concept.

Sarandella on 06/06/12

Ingenious design, perfect for small apartments and college dorms.

ben ce de çok güzel fikir neden olmasın derim.

José Luiz on 01/21/13

Ola achei fantástico, gostaria de receber mais informações sobre a fabricação pois gostaria de oferecer algumas das soluções aos meus clientes aqui em São Paulo Brasil.
Zé Luiz

joe on 06/04/13

Can you post a DIY tutorial for making a Blindry?

Hannah on 02/15/16

would be interesting to know how much weight it could support. A great concept!

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