June 22, 2012

32 innovations that will change life as we know it.

- A magic wand remote – I know just how silly it is, but I want it anyway.

- If you are nostalgic about old technology, you’ll love this - Museum of Endangered Sounds.

- Probably the coolest installation I’ve seen in a while – Tube, a giant tunnel of magnetic tape from VHS Cassettes.

- Welcome to Life – probably a realistic prediction of a digital afterlife story.

- Analog ice-cream making – minimalist and stunning.

- Gorgeous film about the high-speed camera technology – the beauty of the unseen.

- iPhone case made out of recycled skateboards? Yes, please!

- FlatPackables came up with a new item – PITA, a clever slide-in frame.

- And finally, an astounding video that puts all things in perspective - The Known Universe.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Ann on 06/24/12

I love your friday links.You’re awesome!

Natalia on 06/24/12

Thank you!!

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