January 18, 2013


- Absolutely brilliant book cover for Orwell’s 1984.

- If you heart Tina Fey as much as I do – you will enjoy this read. (via swissmiss)

- Florian Gross, who created my favorite storage item of all time, emailed today to brag about his new project - Nordic Fashion Design Store. It’s quite a looker, don’t you think? Love the simplicity and use of the material.

- Fruits like you’ve never seen them before. A collection of re-imagined fruits and vegetables by Sarah Illenberger.

- The world’s loudest purring cat, possibly a future Guinness record winner.

- Lapka – a cool gizmo that collects information about your invisible surroundings and displays it on your phone.

- Here is a bright way to deal with unsightly cordage – Wire Skyline.

- Lumoback – an iPhone app that reminds you not to slouch.

Have a pleasant weekend, guys!

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