June 29, 2012

This beautiful and flexible work table is a creation of Spanish designer Tomás Alonso. The piece is built to host a set of accessories – different lamps and dividers – that can be customized by the user. Here is how Alonso describes it: “The project explores the idea of the work table as a microsystem with separate elements that can be combined into an array of possibilities. An object of common use, the table is broken down into its basic components to which a series of functional accessories can then be added. The configuration of all these elements is left to the user who can arrive to their own solution in response to their own functional and aesthetic needs.”  The frame itself can be individualized – the design of the aluminium profile used to secure the legs to the table allows for both aluminium and wooden legs, or a combination of both. Various colors and wooden finishes are also available.

(via fastcodesign)


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