July 5, 2012

This product makes so much sense – it’s hard to believe no one came up with it earlier. Culla Belly by Manuela Busetti is a baby bassinet that can serve as a regular crib during a day, and as an attachement to a grownup bed at night. One side of the bassinet can be opened via two zips to allow the fall of the barrier between the child and the mother, creating a single space in which the mother can move easily in case the little one needs her. The wooden attachement, in which the baby crib rests, is secured under the bed’s mattress. The weight of the mattress and of the mother guarantee the stability of the structure.

Patrick on 07/05/12

While this is a well designed product, there are tons of cosleepers on the market and I don’t understand what’s so original that nobody else thought of

LiberatedMind.com on 07/06/12

There are co-sleepers on the market, but non that slide under the bed and completely integrate with the frame of your bed. The only other options are porta-crib styles that have a fold down side or corral type things that you place in the center of the bed between you and your partner. I will be a mother for the 2nd time soon, and I would definitely purchase this if it was on the market.

vista orthodontist on 07/09/12

I’m wondering how would you mount it in the bed? Is the structure strong enough that it won’t fall easily from the placements?

Kristin on 07/21/12

Ok, how can I purchase one of these??! This is perfect. I want a co-sleeper, but none of the models out there that I have seen would work with our style of bed. This would!

Raakes on 08/02/12

Please provide me the product and commercial detail of Culla Belly Co-sleeper [ShoeBox Dwelling]
How to purchase

Dear All!!
I´m from Brazil and I loved this culla belly, where can I buy it? It can be in Brazil or in USA. And how much is it?
I´m looking forward for your answer.

Many thanks fir your help.

Cathy on 10/03/12

Where can I buy? I am in the USA and would love to get two of these for friends.

Nuno Silva on 10/13/12

Where can I buy? i’m in Portugal and need two of this.

thanks in advanced.

Louisa on 11/04/12

One improvement suggested: an aluminum stand as a base that can secure the structure that unfolds when set up next to the parents’ bed so it can NEVER fall off the side of the bed. It would be under the structure in the form of an X and with four adjustable, expandable legs to securely hold it up through the night, when it does it’s most important job. Without that adjustment, I would not feel it is safe enough to use for a very tender newborn.

Louisa on 11/04/12

an additional change is to make the sides in a durable, perhaps aluminum mesh material, again lightweight but allows for all – important continuous airflow for the newborn.

Maks on 11/06/12

This is great idea . Def love it . How can i get into working with this idea or at least become a distributor ? thanx

Nahekhe on 01/09/13

I’m Angolan, where can i buy???? I need it

Carlos on 01/10/13

Hi, I wonder if I can find a place here in Brazil that sells Culla Co-sleeper. I look forward to returning. Now appreciate the attention.

Olivia on 01/25/13

ELM Baby
ELM Baby Sells the Culla Belly Co-Sleeper in 4 colors. You can buy it there immediately

ELM Baby on 03/03/13


They have 6 different colors

Nafis on 06/06/13

Where to buy in Australia ??

superb read here

Lisa on 08/10/13

Anyone figure out how to purchase one of these in the US? Happy to get my hands on a used one if need be.

Michelle on 12/28/13

Are there organic mattress pads (since the instructions say not to use the pad it comes with), sheets, and pee protectors for this product? If so, where can I purchase?

christina on 02/07/14

I cannot find this anywhere for purchase– not even on the elm website– maybe it is sold out– arms reach only goes to 30′ and I need 35′ for my bed height — so this would be perfect– but I may have to have one built.
Christina– USA

christina on 02/07/14


found the answer– it never went into production

shannon on 03/14/14

It’s there on the elm website. 499 if I remember correctly.

bernadete on 08/26/14

Would love one – live in south africa

reetu on 09/28/14

M from USA. From where I can buy it

Sheryl on 02/02/16

Where can I buy this

Shenna on 07/14/16

Where can I order this from please

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