July 20, 2012

This small vacation house in Sweden (75 square meters) started with the chair. The owners, Marie Wåhlin and Kenth Kembe, derived the aesthetic of the place from an old Eames moulded chair, bought during couple’s trip to Gothenburg. Another source of inspiration came from the traditional architecture of Gotland – the homeland of the house. Architect Torbjörn Hoeg managed to create a tailored modern solution, based on these classic ideas. The center of a house is a living room, which, thanks to the shape of the roof, has a cathedral feel. Three small bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom enframe the central area (see the floorplan below). There are several green touches, that make the house truly self-sufficient. The steep metal roof houses three solar panels, creating enough electricity to cover the heating and hot water from April to October. 37-centimeter-thick masonry walls hold the heat well, and the limestone floor keeps the house cool during hot months.

(via wave avenue)

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