July 24, 2012

Here is another clever work/dining table hybrid. Created by Mathias Hahn for Danish brand Arco, the piece is an attempt to combine work and play on the same surface. The deed is possible thanks to a sizable sliding storage compartment that allows to put away all work-related paraphernalia during dinner time. Here is how the designer describes the concept: “The frame underneath the table top is rather slim, so there is less restriction from a thick top section that comprises a drawer unit or similar. This allowes the desk to be used more flexible when it comes to different living and work situations, however still offering the functionality of storrage within the desk.”

(via stilsucht)

MonkeyKing on 08/10/12

Is he wearing Lederhosen? Sorry, that’s just too European for me.

I can see my stoner friends using this table to hide their weed. But then they’d forget where they put it.

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