July 26, 2012

This retractable hanging rack by San-Diego-based designer Curtis Micklish, called Pin-Up, is a fine idea for a small entry area. The item folds flat when not in use and allows to extend individual pegs or peg groupings, depending on your storage needs. It does require some elbow grease during the installation, but the result this neat is worth a little power tool action. Here is how Curtis describes the construction of the Pin-Up: “To briefly explain how it works, there are a group of free moving dowels that have a stop at the backside. The outside center dowel on each end is attached to a backboard that moves freely forward and backward and allows you to easily push all dowels out to full extension. Then it just depends on the object you hang to push the pins in where its needed.” Some drywall cutting is involved in the mounting process, however, for those of us who rent their shoeboxes the designer is willing to create a surface mounted piece, wrapped in walnut.

vista orthodontist on 08/05/12

This is quite a find! I love that it retracts and flattens when you choose it to be, the overall effect is almost like an art piece. Does it come in a larger size?

Curtis Micklish on 09/29/12

Hello, the size is fairly fixed as it has to be able to fit inside a stud bay in your wall, which is typically around 14″ wide. It could be customized if the wall would allow it.

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