September 3, 2012

If you think rocking chairs are a space-consuming luxury in a limited urban setting, you’re in for a sweet surprise. The Cleat chair by Vancouver based designer Tom Chung is a clever piece that folds flat for storage and moving purposes. Here is how the designer describes it:

“‘Cleat‘ is a knockdown rocking chair inspired by the harbours surrounding both Vancouver, Canada and Stockholm, Sweden. The first prototype was designed and built while studying abroad in Stockholm with the intention to bring it home to Vancouver in my carry on luggage. The chair is constructed from massive birch and is held together with zero stretch climbing rope.”

A prototype at this point, the chair is a beautifully minimal, well-thought-out object. I really hope it sees the light of production.

ERNEST L JENSEN on 08/15/17

Looks neat. I’d like to see the overall dimensions. Thanks

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