September 12, 2012

If you are a foodie, but live in a tight urban apartment with no proper kitchen – there might still be hope. Meet Critter – a free-standing worktop kitchen unit by Milanese designer Elia Mangia. Based on the idea of a primus stove kitchen, the piece is configurable and easily movable around the house. Designer elaborates: “The main structure is made by two beams of solid wood on which are assembled the legs and a series of freely interchangable modular accessories. The whole kitchen is completely demountable in a few fast and easy steps and is kept together by only 8 screws.” Initially envisioned to be moved between indoor and outdoor spaces, the system works especially well in the house. And with dimensions 240 cm x 65 cm x h 91 cm – it can fit even in a small studio apartment.

Angela on 09/12/12

Can you purchase this anywhere??

sandra dagher on 09/18/12

Ingenious .I love it!

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