October 15, 2012

No matter how small our kitchens are, we don’t want to sacrifice our comforts. Which means bulky appliances take over a good portion of our pression counter space. To deal with the situation, designer Jan des Bouvrie and Dutch manufacturer Princess came up with Compact4All – a kitchen appliance system that incorporates all kitchen basics within the span of 16 inches. How? The items are stacked on top of each other, producing a uni-piece. The system includes a juicer, toaster, coffee maker and tea kettle. Each segment can be detached and used individually, but when fit together the quartet can share one outlet. Brilliant.

James on 10/15/12

Whilst the idea of stacking appliances to save space seems great, individually these ‘compact’ items seem huge. Unless the model is really small, that’s one enormous two-slice toaster. Shame they couldn’t get Naoto Fukasawa involved in this concept.

Derrick on 10/21/12

How much would this set you back in AUD? And I agree with James, a Japanese designer would have made it even more compact, with nicer lines instead of just a square.

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