November 8, 2012

I’m really impressed with ingenuity of this extendable table by French designer Julien Vidame. The tabletop is comprised of small panels. When put together vertically, they create a smaller surface, and in their flat position, they double the table’s capacity. The transition between these two modes are made via a clever metal mechanism, hidden underneath the tabletop. Thanks to this mechanism, the piece grows from 31 to 62 inches. The extendable table is a concept at this point. I do hope to see the piece produced.

D Dunlap on 11/08/12

The table is indeed unique but while it may be disposable, I think the designer meant for it to be Expandable not expendable.

Catherine on 11/08/12

Think that should be “extendable” ie can be extended, rather than expendable ie can be got rid of easily.

Natalia on 11/08/12

Thanks for pointing out the error, guys! Appreciate it.

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