November 29, 2012

As I have said before, I love pet-friendly furniture. Incorporating pet lounging areas into human furniture pieces is a great idea, especially in small spaces, where there isn’t enough room to separate the two. The Dog House Sofa by Korean studio¬†min n mun, is another interesting step in that direction. The piece includes a cushioned dog house on one side, providing resting areas for you and your dog(s). The couch is made of ash wood and pet-friendly fabrics. I love how current its design is. And, again, if your dog decides not to adopt the sofa (the phenomenon has yet to be precedented), you can use the pet house as storage.

Josephine Ayre on 03/20/14

Oh my God! This is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. I wonder if the upholstery and frame is available in other colours because I would LOVE to get one of these for my home!

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