May 27, 2014

Choosing a sofa for a small apartment can be daunting. It has to be small enough to allow flow, yet big enough for much-needed relaxation. Well, clever folks at Fab might just pulled it off. The Flip sofa they recently launched is a compact and multifunctional item that can fit in most interiors. It has reversible cushions that allow you to alternate between minimalist and mid-century modern looks. But the biggest perk is the ottoman that flips to reveal a coffee table. What a great thought. Watch the video for a short demo. Available for purchase here.

March 11, 2014


Many would agree that the ideal sofa is the one you don’t want to leave. Milan based designer Burak Kocak expanded this idea and created a sofa you don’t need to leave. This modular piece, called Herb, is a clever conglomerate of different components. Each arm is replaced by something useful – storage, adjustable lighting, electrical sources, even planters. You can create a combination that fits your own unique couch-potatoing style.


August 18, 2013


This clever transformable piece, called Trix, has been created by the famed Piero Lissoni for Italian brand Kartell. The beauty of the idea is in a simple rotating movement, with which Trix can be transformed into several different types of furniture. From a day bed, to a lounger or an armchair, even an ottoman. Lay it directly on the floor or carpet, or mount it on a platform; it looks and functions equally great in either arrangement. Trix is made of expanded polyurethane and is upholstered in three-dimensional woven polyester fabric. Available for purchase here.


August 1, 2013


Bulgaria based designer Volen Valentinov created this low key multifuntional piece, called Ted Bed. The item can be easily transformed from a chair to ottoman, mini-couch, armchair and a bed. All done by simply folding and securing the piece in each position. A perfect contender for a dorm or small apartment. Ted Bed is a sustainable piece of furniture made from recycled materials.

(via the mag)


July 22, 2013


This unusual leather sofa has been created by London based designer Camille Paillard for Swiss brand De Sede. The folded armrests aside from looking quite striking, also provide storage for papers and small things. Here is how designer describes this project: “For me, it was interesting to play with the beauty of the folds and the material’s innate sensitivity. I designed the sofa with this motif in mind in terms of the armrests. The folds are not only aesthetic, but also practical for slipping in magazines and books or hiding items.” Love this idea.


July 2, 2013


Since we’re on a subject of working from home – here is another interesting “workstation”, this time in a form of a couch. Famed Philippe Stark created the piece for the Italian brand Cassina. The couch, called My World, ergonomically designed to support the ideal posture for working and concentrating, while still being relaxed. The piece also features storage, work surfaces and ports for your various gizmos. It is so well-thought-out – you might never lift your bum…


April 17, 2013


Bikini Island by German designer Werner Aisslinger, created for Italian furniture brand Moroso, is a new approach to a living room couch. Instead of traditional mono-directional sofa, facing the common TV screen, this modular item can be arranged to accommodate different space uses.

Here is how designer describes his idea: “Life in the living room has changed quite a lot recently: families and their kids are ‘chilling’ with different activities: reading, downloading files, writing emails, gaming, chatting with friends, watching movies on a pad, relaxing, talking, thinking, meditating… The easy to arrange bikini-sofa landscape invites to find ones own composition due to space and activities.”

The piece is comprised of various soft volumes of three different heights. Additionally, small storage items, coffee tables, bookshelves, and other accessories can be integrated into the unit. The curtains allow to isolate certain segments and provide privacy – perfect for a single-room layout.


November 29, 2012

As I have said before, I love pet-friendly furniture. Incorporating pet lounging areas into human furniture pieces is a great idea, especially in small spaces, where there isn’t enough room to separate the two. The Dog House Sofa by Korean studio min n mun, is another interesting step in that direction. The piece includes a cushioned dog house on one side, providing resting areas for you and your dog(s). The couch is made of ash wood and pet-friendly fabrics. I love how current its design is. And, again, if your dog decides not to adopt the sofa (the phenomenon has yet to be precedented), you can use the pet house as storage.


July 17, 2012

This customizable sofa from Drawer made me look. A seemingly straightforward piece contains clever transforming mechanism that allows the two seats rotate and change configuration of the sofa. Depending on your seating needs, you can turn it into two lounging chairs and reveal a built-in coffee table. You can recline each seat to create a settee. You can even unfold the seats completely and turn the sofa into a comfortable bed for two people. The piece comes in low-key easy to clean fabric and offers three neutral color choices.


May 7, 2012

Gotta love Resource Furniture, they really understand how to do space-saving in style. One of the latest items they’ve introduced has immediately caught my eye. DOC sofa by Bonbon is a clever transformer, capable of serving as a fully functional bunk bed. Perfect for a living room or a home office, the item can turn any space into a spear bedroom for two. The transformation is simple, requires zero muscle and fuss. Watch the video to see the DOC bed in action.

(via enpundit)