January 9, 2013


Everyone who occupies a small urban kitchen knows how difficult it can be to fit a full-size dish rack in it. It takes way too much counter space while offering only one function. How wasteful. Well, this dish rack by Australian born and New York based designer Sally Rumble is different. It folds flat when not in use. Simply slide out one side to make it three-dimensional again. And when you’re done – the rack can be stored away easily or used as a tray.




pneu on 01/09/13

You always find the best products! I love the functionality of this.

Monica on 01/10/13

I love this product. Do you know where I can buy it?
Many thanks

Karin on 01/11/13

OXO produces it so here:

Devorah on 01/16/13

Oxo’s is not the same. It doesn’t fold up.
Where can you buy this particular one?

Juantonyo on 01/17/13

My wife had a Hairbrush with the same mechanism.

Nakagwa on 01/21/13

Where water goes?? inside the tray or executed from some where??

Majedmj on 02/01/13

How mush?

JayNine on 03/21/13

Ok, I SERIOUSLY NEED two of these! LOL!

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