March 15, 2013


– Hilarious and adorable photo series – A Day in the Life of a Squirrel.

– Apparently separating Oreo cookies is very important. How important? Watch.

– Incredible telescopic view of a volcanic eruption from space.

– Fun Hermes fingerskating ad.

– Love this cat duvet cover. Wishlisted.

Astonishing photographs of the sun by Alan Friedman.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

marga on 03/17/13

Great idea, love it, although I dont need a photo when I have the real deal, my cat sleep on my bed in the same spot!

Brittany on 04/26/13

Ha! Here I am going along and reading backposts and that video about the Oreo separation is made by my friend David here in Portland! Just funny to find his face (and engineering wizardry) on all corners of the internet. :o)

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