April 5, 2013


– Delightful on many levels – desserts, inspired by modern art. And more.

– Rejoice, lazy humans, there is now a cleaning robot for an iPhone.

– Now this is seriously cute – Helveticat.

– Another creative way to deal with cordage – Wire Blooms.

– Utterly awesome idea – The Minuum Keyboard Project.

– This is how vintage social networking might look.

– Absolutely stunning yarn typography installation by Pae White.

– And something universally beautiful and for some lucky people nostalgic – The Quiet City: Winter in Paris. #sigh

Have a great weekend, guys!

KMP Modern on 04/05/13

I love all your picks, especially the link to the Pae White installation. We met her years ago when we were still Angelenos. I haven’t been following her work, but I’m blown away by this new piece. I love how its such a simple idea, and with yarn. But its just stunning!

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