March 20, 2013


The Click and Grow smart garden system is a godsend for people like me. I love plants aesthetically, but a green thumb hasn’t been part of my anatomic design. If you have a similar situation and want to reduce your track record of murdered greenery, you might want to check out this clever invention by Mattias Lepp. Inspired by NASA’s successful attempts to grow plans in outer space, he managed to combine nanotechnology and software in a single planter, that tracks all necessary components for a plant’s healthy growth. All this complexity is meant to make your role extremely easy. Just power up the device with four AA batteries, add water and watch a healthy plant emerging from the perforated lid. Check out the video after the break to see the planter in action.

(via the-gadgeteer)





bimo on 05/03/13

after the plants grow up big enough, what will happen with the box and the plant?

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