April 3, 2013


Given my soft spot for bike storage and multifunctional design, I was delighted to encounter BH #2 – a beautiful bike stand by French designer Thibaut Malet. Minimalist and lightweight, the piece is a thing of visual beauty. It requires no screws and wall mounting efforts. You simply lean BH #2 against any sturdy vertical surface – and the installation is complete. Based on a ladder principle the bike stand is foldable to ensure easy moving and storage. The piece features additional shelves for your riding gear, entryway items or any small objects. TheĀ absenceĀ of metal hardware (the bike stand is made entirely of wood) adds to the clean simplicity of the design.






Andy on 04/03/13

I see lots of cool leaning shelves like this, but I’m too afraid that I’d get up to get some water at night and stub my toe on the legs of the shelf causing instant and total destruction.

Does this not happen? Are they sturdier than they look?

Natalia on 04/03/13

I had a few leaning bookshelves, they were pretty sturdy (also cat jump proof). The beauty of leaning structures is that they get stronger as you put more weight on them. Which is why they work well for bike storage in particular.

Mark_D on 06/04/13

Given my soft spot for simplicity…..This room totally nails it. That rack is great, I love the clean and easy design.

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