March 2, 2015


Bike Dock is an aesthetically pleasing bike storage solution, designed by the Berlin-based design studio .flxble. It is handcrafted from birch wood and constructed in such a way, that allows you to fold the rack away, when not in use. “The design of our bike rack is simple, minimalistic and elegant, – designers say. – In the Bike Dock, we combine modern and traditional techniques in a novel way and use in the manufacture an innovative bending process by which we make the birch wood flexible.” The two belts, that give the piece its stability, come in white, black, grey, brown, and read. Available for purchase here.


December 4, 2014


This simple and minimalist rack by Karl Mikael Ling is both visually and structurally light. The aluminium mounting plate is simply and discreetly attached to the wall. The hanger then pinches the mounting plate (hence the name of the piece), connecting into precut grooves. When not in use, the hanger can easily be hung flat against the wall. Perfect for small spaces. Available for purchase here.


March 12, 2014


This cool minimalist bike holder has been created by German studio Mikili. I featured this stunner from them some time ago. This particular piece, called TÎAN, is, though not as stealthy on the wall, has its own advantages. It features a storage compartment, something every small entryway can use. The drawer can be opened and closed with a simple push thanks to a tip-on system. In addition, TÎAN looks attractive even when your bike is not hanging on the wall. The piece comes in four color combinations, so you can choose the look that fits you.


October 2, 2013


Cyclock bike hook is a fun way to reclaim your floor space and hang your bicycle. Cycloc’s unique shape, combined with your bikes own weight, holds it instantly in place and you can even attach a normal bike lock for security. Thanks to the innovative curve, you can store virtually any bike at any angle, even a folding bike. The space inside the hook is good for keeping lights, gloves and other cycling accessories. Available for purchase here.


September 17, 2013


Not only a rad idea but also an aesthetic candy, the SLÎT Bike Hook is a new minimalist creation of Berlin based studio Mikili. When open, SLÎT is a stable holder for your ride. When closed, SLÎT withdraws so discreetly that it practically becomes one with the wall. While the shelf provides space for your equipment, the protective felt overlay guarantees soft but secure support for your cherished frame. What a beauty! Available in black and white.


August 6, 2013

The Bivi bike hook is yet another bicycle storage option to consider. I love how minimal and no-nonsense it is – just a steel plate and a single hook. The rack attaches directly to the wall or to the end of a Bivi bench. Watch the video to see how simple the installation procedure is. Purchase here.

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June 19, 2013


Designer Thomas Walde of Swiss studio Postfossil created this simple and beautiful bike stand. The piece combines storage for your bicycle with bookshelves and shoe racks, which makes it an ultimate entryway hit. I also love the idea of framing the bike and putting it on a pedestal. “Like a trophy in a glass jar, the bicycle represents sporting activity, balance and health.” – designer says. I’m sure bike aficionados will approve. The piece is made from fir wood, coconut fiber and steel.


April 25, 2013


The Bike All shelf by Colorado based studio Board by Design is an interesting transition between a bike hanger and a bike stand. The piece doesn’t keep your bike fully suspended in the air – one wheel still touches the ground. But with the saddle firmly parked under the shelf, it is a sturdy solution. And, because the saddle part is common for all bikes, the shelf is compatible with all bike models. Available in two natural woods, the Bike All comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. Available for purchase here.


April 3, 2013


Given my soft spot for bike storage and multifunctional design, I was delighted to encounter BH #2 – a beautiful bike stand by French designer Thibaut Malet. Minimalist and lightweight, the piece is a thing of visual beauty. It requires no screws and wall mounting efforts. You simply lean BH #2 against any sturdy vertical surface – and the installation is complete. Based on a ladder principle the bike stand is foldable to ensure easy moving and storage. The piece features additional shelves for your riding gear, entryway items or any small objects. The absence of metal hardware (the bike stand is made entirely of wood) adds to the clean simplicity of the design.


March 19, 2013


This bike hanger by Latvia based designer Reinis Salins is a stunner. Handcrafted from solid oak, each piece is made to showcase the beauty of the wood grain from every viewing angle. And it only needs three standard screws for installation. The product is available in two tones – brown oak and chestnut; cold black oak and chestnut burl. Available for purchase here.

(via bltd)