April 14, 2013


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

In 1972, Scandinavian designer named Peter Opsvik took it on himself to revolutionize the design of infant high chairs after watching his son’s struggles with table eating. The result was the Tripp Trapp Convertible High Chair.

Opsvik’s thoughtful response to the challenges of early eating stages was to more fully engage the child with loved ones by making it possible to slide the chair right up to the table without an intervening tray.  Presciently, he also designed the chair to accommodate growth by making its various parts adjustable, thus anticipating today’s cradle-to-college design philosophy and its associated environmentalism.

Winner of multiple awards, the Tripp Chair was selected as the signature piece at MoMA’s 2012 exhibition “Century of the Child”. Check out the wonderful video produced by the museum. Purchase here.

stokke_tripptrapp_natural_1_web stokke_tripptrapp_context_4_web


stokke_tripptrapp_context_1_web stokke_tripptrapp_context_5_web

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