May 21, 2013


Last week I made a post about a disappearing kitchen, this time – it’s a dining room that disappears. German manufacturer Alno created a set, table and two seats, that is built right into the kitchen cabinetry and can be tucked away when not in use. A lovely thought for a tiny space dweller. Although the weight capacity of the pull-out pieces is a concern, I really love the idea. In a small studio where all functional areas are interchangeable, it is nice to have an option of a dining set that takes no room. I’m curious though – what kind of witchcraft magic designers used to fit the table into that narrow cabinet…

(via core77)

Jali on 05/28/13

Wow, what a brilliant idea! Space is a premium in our current way of living so it is great to have customised furniture available to make it a lot simpler.

Kayleigh on 02/17/15

I think the table is in two pieces which would then stack on top of each other with the drawer sliding in.

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