June 17, 2013


Intentionally small living is a concept I admire. My own small living is unintentional, I occupy the space I can afford in turbulent and pricey Manhattan; but if I did have a choice – I would stay within the confines of pragmatic square footage. Nicole Alvarez had similar thinking. North Carolina based young designer and aspiring architect created a beautiful website, where she photographs and discusses her life in a small and very well thought out studio apartment. Nicole grew up in a typical American suburbia with big houses, spacious yards and non-walkable distances to the nearest town. When her studies brought her to Europe, she fell in love with the pleasures of urban existence – walking commutes, closeness to all city attractions, small and cleverly organized dwellings… Back in Raleigh, North Carolina, Nicole decided to continue living small and rented a 300 sq. ft. studio above a dentist’s office. Watch the beautiful film shot by Fair Companies, showing the tour of the apartment and discussing fascinating housing projects Nicole is working on in her home town.




mg_3620 nicoles-306sqft-studio-labeled1

jaynine on 06/17/13

perfect! Kirsten Dirksen is one of my favorite producers and journalists from the small living world! excellent choice to display here.

Nicole on 06/18/13

Hi Natalia, thanks featuring my blog and video on your site! I appreciate the interest and support.

I’m so excited to be introduced to your blog – great work. I’ll definitely be following you!


Natalia on 06/19/13

@Nicole Thank you for the lovely comment! I’m too very excited to have found your site. Best of luck with your housing projects, hope they get realized. Email me if you want a shout-out.

@jaynine Yes, Kirsten never fails to rock.

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