July 11, 2013


The Clic shelf by French designer François Beautour is a kind of a good looking minimalist piece many of us would love to see by the front door. Cleverly scaled to a small dwelling, Clic combines a mirror and a shelf with a recess for placing items on top. But the coolest bit is the one we can’t see with the naked eye. Inside the shelf there are strong magnets that allow you to hang metal items. A perfect spot for your keys, USB drives, small tools and just about anything metal. Beautifully understated and practical design.

(via design-milk)




Starck on 07/27/13

Great project !

Kerry Howard on 07/28/13

I love this shelf and would like to know how much does it cost and where
Can I purchase one. Thanks

Naomi on 12/21/13

I too love this shelf and also want to know where I can buy it and how much…

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