August 8, 2013


If you have a big dog and a small apartment, you will love this thing. Designed by architects April Clark and Ed Richardson of Clark | Richardson Architects, Murphy’s Paw dog bed folds up against the wall and takes virtually no space. Unfold it with one fluid movement whenever her canine highness is ready for a nap. Brilliant! The piece is available in stained mahogany and painted wood. Contact designers for pricing.



AC6374 (1)


sylvia on 03/12/14

I’m looking to find out how much this would cost for my pet program. this would be a great piece for my fur babies that come in on a regular.

Tom on 12/18/15

I would like to buy 1 perhaps 2 beds, unfinished so i can match stains in my home. How much?

Kevin on 01/05/16

I own a custom wood shop and could make these for about $1000 each.

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