September 2, 2013


Berlin based designer Michael Hilgers created this super compact desk, called Flatframe, for furniture brand Müller Möbelwerkstätten. Disguised as a wall art, the piece folds down into a functional workstation. It includes a non-slip surface, storage for your writing tools, slots for the iPad and iPhone, bulletin board, integrated sockets for your laptop and other devices. Impressive number of conveniences from an item that is just 2.5-inch thick. The Flatframe desk is a winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2013. No surprise there…




Donna on 09/04/13

I have become a devout follower and enjoy your discoveries very much and would and do want to have these things for my own….keep up the good work…Donna

Natalia on 09/04/13

Thank you!

Katrina on 09/07/13

Absolutely in love with this

nidhi mittal on 09/10/13


tony on 07/28/15

would a laptop fit flat inside the recess. dimensions 3cm/18cm/43cm

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