October 25, 2013


Living in a small studio apartment is often associated with the lack of privacy. This mobile bed cube is a fresh solution to the problem. Instead of buying a sleeper couch and feeling like a guest in your own home, why not create a private retreat within a given space? The cube is on wheels and can be moved around according to your mood or social situation. And the best part – it’s DIY! Check out the instructions on how to make your own mobile bed cubeĀ here.





Gale on 07/29/14

I would design that bed cube differently. I would give clearance for the bed and inset bookshelves or space for an inset tv or both on one side and a hanging area on the side that stays against the wall except when it is needed. The pod could open up like a v and give ample room for sleeping while leaving the storage intact.

Louise Campagna on 06/12/17

How much $ for bed cube.

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