April 3, 2014

Best Drying Rack is an official name of this product. The manufacturer supports it with these facts: the rack is portable, made from durable materials (no plastic), it has a shape that allows drying a load of laundry in a small space. I also like the fact that you can dry certain items horizontally by putting them on top of the rack. A tad pricey, but if durability is not an empty promise, it’s a lovely idea.

(ht swissmiss)

Christina on 04/04/14

I am 55 years old. We had one of these when I was 10 years old. Everything old is new again?

Julia on 04/29/14

33 here and I grew up with these too. Not a new thing at all (I still see them pop up from time to time on Craigslist) but good that someone is bringing it back. I don’t think “best” is quite right, but “good for certain circumstances” would be totally fair.

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