July 7, 2014


This super small folding chair has been created by the young Polish designer Pawel Kochanski. Inspired by the compactness of the carry-on luggage, the chair is tri-folded to meet the dimensions. Here is how Pawel describes his idea:

“Main concept was to create a folding chair which size will meet hand luggage dimensions restrictions that are common for most of the airlines. Object after folding was supposed not to exceed dimensions 55x40x20 cm. To meet these requirements and at the same time make useful and comfortable chair, a lot of case studies were done. Developed way of folding may seem to be complex at first sight, but in fact it’s really easy and simple. Chair is rather light thanks to chosen materials and has a string which could be used to carry it like a bag. Mobility was also one of the issues for creating this chair.”

I also like the fact that this space-saving design doesn’t compromise function. Both the seat and the backrest are wide enough for support and the angle between them allows comfortable lounging.






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